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divorce and alimony in birmingham al

Alimony is money awarded to a spouse in a divorce so the spouse receiving

the alimony can maintain their current lifestyle after the divorce.  No one

wants to stay in a relationship, especially an abusive relationship or a

relationship where the other spouse is committing adultery, simply

because they can’t afford to leave the relationship.  Imagine being a

housewife, with no marketable skills because you have left behind

your potential for a career to raise your children, and your husband

is abusive or has had an affair, and you are unable to leave

because you wouldn’t be able to support yourself or your children.


Alimony is usually awarded on a temporary basis but, rarely, can

be awarded permanently.  The amount of alimony a spouse is

entitled to is depending on several factors such as difference in

incomes of the married parties, the lifestyle they are accustomed

to, and the conduct of the parties.  Alimony is not the same as child

support.  Child support is money meant to be used to support the

children.  Alimony is money that the spouse is entitled to for their

personal support so that they can maintain the lifestyle they were

accustomed to during the marriage.


Infidelity investigations by a private investigator can be key in a divorce where alimony is on the table.  If you are a spouse who intends to ask for alimony, you will want to hire a private detective to document abuse by your spouse or any infidelity your spouse may be committing.  Furthermore, a PI may be able to find money or assets that your husband or wife may be hiding from you.  Some people may hide money from their spouse so that it will not be divided up in the divorce settlement or to hide income in order to avoid or reduce any alimony payments they may be on the hook for.  Courts generally frown upon the hiding of money or assets by one of the parties in a divorce and it could positively affect any settlement a judge decides upon.  If your spouse is committing adultery and you plan to request alimony, you may be able to convince the court to order more alimony be paid if you can prove that your spouse is having an affair.  Conversely, if you suspect that your spouse will request alimony in your divorce proceedings and you can prove that he or she is having an affair, you may be able to use the proof of the affair obtained by Hawkeye Intelligence to reduce alimony payments or avoid paying alimony all together.


Alimony will continue for the amount of time decided by the court unless there is a change in circumstances for the party that was awarded alimony.  A change in circumstances can include a change in or employment for one or both of the spouses, a change in marital status, or co-habitation.


Sometimes a soon-to-be ex-spouse who is petitioning the court to receive alimony will misreport their income or claim to be unemployed in order to receive more alimony.  A spouse may try to hide money by opening a secret bank account and depositing money into it that the other spouse isn't aware of.  Some of them even try to hide assets in order to get more alimony.  Sometimes assets are easier to hide than money.  A spouse may buy a boat or car and then store it in a secret location so that once the divorce is settled they can sell it for cash.  If you suspect that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is misreporting income, is falsely claiming to be unemployed, or is hiding assets, a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence may be able to uncover the truth and provide evidence of their deception.


After alimony has been awarded, you may learn that your ex-spouse who is receiving alimony has had a change in income, gained employment, or come into an inheritance.  You may petition to have the alimony reduced or eliminated if this happens.  Sometimes an ex-spouse will attempt to hide their change in circumstances.  The burden of proof lies on you to prove that your former spouse has had a financial change.  A private investigator can help you uncover that evidence of these changes and help you get your alimony obligation reduced or eliminated.


There are some former spouses who collect alimony even after they have married someone else.  They do this by keeping their new marriage a secret.  They may wear a wedding ring or have joint assets together that you don’t know about.  They may have a joint checking account that you don’t know about.  People will go to great lengths to hide such things so they can marry their new partner and continue to receive alimony payments.  A private investigator can conduct an investigation of your former spouse and the person they are in a relationship with and look for clues to determine if your ex-spouse is secretly married.


Co-habitation is a term used to describe a situation where someone lives with another person whether they are married or not and that person potentially has the means to help support them.  If a former spouse who receives alimony co-habitates with someone, even if they are not married, alimony can be reduced or eliminated.  Private investigators employ special techniques to determine if a co-habitation situation exists.


A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence is dedicated to seeing your case through to the end.  The investigator will not only gather the information and evidence to help you with your case, they will also testify in court on your behalf.  When it comes to legal matters, nothing is guaranteed but you can rest assured that your private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence will do what it takes to give you the best investigative services possible to help you get alimony or help you reduce, terminate, or avoid alimony.

Don't let her take another penny of your money if she is not entitled to it.  Hawkeye Intelligence can put your mind at ease.  Call or email now.

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