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How do I get started?

The process of hiring Hawkeye Intelligence differs according to the facts of

your case but generally, it begins with a phone call.  It is helpful and

efficient to have as much information as you can gather about your

case handy during the first consultation.  In most cases, a phone

consultation is all that is necessary.  The need for an in-person

interview is rare.


After the investigator interviews you, they will estimate the amount

of time, mileage, and resources required to accomplish the goal of

the investigation.  That estimate will determine what the cost is to

retain the services of the investigator.  Once the retainer is paid and

the service agreement signed, the private investigator will be ready

to begin the investigation.


How much does it cost?

During the initial phone call or interview, the investigator will ask questions

related to your case, determine the goal of the investigation, assess how much

time and resources will be required to accomplish that goal, and estimate the amount

of money needed to retain the investigator’s services (the retainer).


Payment operates just like an attorney:  the client pays the retainer amount up front and Hawkeye Intelligence bills against that retainer.  The more hours and resources that the investigator estimates they need to accomplish the goal of the investigation, the more the retainer will be.  Think of the retainer like a bank account.  You put money into the retainer and the investigator pulls money out of the retainer as he does the work.  At the end of the investigation, you may be due a refund of the unused portion of the retainer as described in the service agreement.  If the retainer is exhausted before the investigation is over, you will have the option to continue with the investigation by adding money to the retainer or you can end the investigation.  You also may choose to end the investigation at any time and have the remainder of the retainer refunded to you.  Terms and conditions apply as described in the service agreement.


The cost usually depends on the facts of the case and the type of investigation.  Surveillance is charged by the hour plus mileage.  Background checks, car countersurveillance sweeps, GPS locator leases, etc. are fee based.


What information will I need?

It is not necessary to have all the following information to start working with Hawkeye Intelligence but the more information you have, the more helpful and efficient it will be to get things started.  You may only have a name and address or social security number or a name and car information.  The facts of your case will determine how much information you need but, generally, the more the better.


Names:  The names, including maiden names, of all subjects, witnesses, friends or relatives of the subject relevant to the case, children, etc.  This includes any nicknames the subject goes by and any aliases.


Social Security Number (SSN):  While not necessary in all cases, it does help verify the identity of anyone involved in your case.  This is especially helpful when a subject has a common name like James Smith or when the subject goes by more than one name or has aliases.


Date of Birth (DOB):  DOB is not necessary in all cases but can be helpful.


Phone Number:  The phone numbers of the people involved in the case aren’t necessary but helpful.  This can include home phone, landline, work number, additional cell phones, etc.


Addresses:  Any addresses you may know about the primary people involved in the case, both past and present.


Vehicle information:  Make, model, and color are the most important.  The year can be estimated but the more accurate, the better.  Also, anything unique about the vehicle:  bumper stickers, tag numbers, front tags, dents, modifications, etc.


Employment information:  The employment information of the primary people involved in the investigation may be helpful.  An address isn’t always necessary, but business name and location are important.


Social Media account information:  It’s helpful to have the social media platforms a subject uses along with their account names.


Pictures:  Sometimes pictures are necessary for the investigator to positively identify a subject at the beginning of an investigations.  Pictures of their vehicle are also helpful, especially if they include tag numbers, dents, bumper stickers, etc.


What happens once the investigation begins?

You and your investigator will determine the appropriate date and time for the investigation to begin.  Generally, the investigator needs at least 24 hours’ notice before an investigation begins but, depending on the facts of your case and how quickly the retainer can be paid, an investigator can begin an investigation in as little as an hour or two after the initial consultation.  You can end the investigation early for the day or delay the investigation for any reason (minimum billing may apply, see the service agreement). 


The investigator will stay in touch with you as much as is possible and/or necessary.  They will sometimes ask you questions during the investigation.  It is not necessary to be available while the investigation is underway, but it is helpful.  The form of this communication can be by phone, text, email, etc.  The investigator will understand that, at times, you will want your hiring of a private investigator to be discreet.  Be sure to communicate that need to the private investigator during the initial consultation so you can work together to determine the appropriate times and form for communication.


What will I receive?

At the conclusion of an investigation that requires surveillance and once any overage on the retainer is paid in full, you and/or your attorney will receive a detailed case report which is a written account of everything the investigator did and observed.  If the investigation produced video or photographic documentation, you and/or your attorney will receive a DVD or flash drive containing all videos and photographs captured.  All documentation is acquired with admissibility in mind.  They are date and time stamped and the investigator attempts to establish context within the documentation as well as good clear shots using equipment with very large zoom factors so that the subject of the documentation is clear and recognizable.


What about privacy?

Hawkeye Intelligence understands the need for discretion in many cases.  Be sure you communicate your privacy needs to your investigator during the initial consultation.  If you pay by credit or debit card, the charge will show up on your bill under a different name that is more ambiguous to preserve the privacy of our clients.  Also, be sure to inform your investigator the days and times of days when it will be appropriate to communicate with you via phone, text, email, etc. even when the investigation is not under way so as not to tip off the subject or anyone else you don’t want to know you have hired a private investigator.

All information received by the investigator is secure and the investigator is licensed by the state and must follow ethics laws that prevents them from divulging private information to anyone without the client’s permission.


How do I know you are legitimate?

Richard Boyd is a private investigator licensed by the Alabama Private Investigation Board and is a member of the Alabama Private Investigators Association.  His license number is 641.  Feel free to contact either of these associations with any questions you may have about Richard Boyd’s licensing.

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