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find a missing teen in birminham al, check on your loved ones

Locating someone can often be a daunting task.  Especially if that

person is trying to avoid being found.  There are many reasons you

may want to hire a private investigator to find someone.  It may

be an absent father who is not paying his child support.  It could

be a teen who ran away or was abducted.  You may have a

judgment against someone and they are avoiding you in an

effort to avoid paying their debt.  Perhaps there is a long lost

friend that you would like to reach out to.  If you want to adopt

someone whose parents are missing, you must do your due

diligence to find them and attempt to have them sign over their

parental rights.  You may have been adopted and want to find

your birth parent.  When someone passes away and have left a

will, sometimes the people who are benefactors in the will can not

be located.  The term used in the industry for locating people,

whether they want to be found or not, is “skip tracing”.  Whatever the

situation a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence can assist you

with all of your skip tracing needs.


Life is difficult as it is but trying to navigate life as a single parent can be even more daunting.  Most households require two incomes just to get by these days.  When a parent is obligated to help support their child with child support payments, it can be tough when that parent purposefully tries to avoid those payments.  Even if a parent has remarried, it is still the obligation of the child’s parents to help support their child.  Most parents acknowledge their financial obligation to the child and pay their child support payments as ordered.  There are some that do anything they can to avoid it.  There are some parents that will completely disappear in order to avoid paying their child support payments.  Still others will lie about their income or their employment status to avoid paying.  Even if the court garnishes the paycheck of a parent, child support payments can be avoided by not reporting their employment with a company.  They may not tell you or the court where they work and that is something that you have to know in order to garnish their paycheck.  A parent who has not paid child support or who has been deceptive about their employment, will have to pay the amount they have skipped once they or their true employment status is found.  If you are having a difficult time locating your child’s parent who is obligated to make child support payments or if your child’s other parent is being dodgy about their employment, call a private investigator at Hawkeye Intelligence.  We can search skip tracing databases, employ surveillance techniques, interview people, etc. to get the information you need to ensure that you get the child support payments you are owed that you need to take care of your children.


The National Runaway Safeline (formerly the National Runaway Switchboard) estimates that 1.6 to 2.8 million teens runaway each year, some as young as 10.  The younger they are, the more susceptible they are to the hazards of street life.  Drugs, violence, prostitution, and sex trafficking are just a few of the dangers a teen faces when they attempt life on the streets.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 800,000 children are reported missing each year.  203,000 are abducted by family members.  It is a parent’s worst nightmare.  You should always call the police first whenever your child is missing whether they ran away or you suspect they were abducted.  When a teenager runs away, the police take all the information about the teen but they don’t exactly scour the streets looking for them.  They usually don’t even investigate but, rather, post a bulletin to all police forces to be on the look out and, although you are dying inside, they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to find your child.  If they happen to run across them, they will pick them up.  A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence will actively search for your runaway child using clues left by your child and clues gathered from friends and other sources.


Many people who sue someone for damages or for money owed to them, will find that the person they are suing doesn’t even show up to court and thus win a default judgment.  Even if they do show up in court and lose, once the judgment is handed down, sometimes it’s difficult to get them to pay up.  There are times when someone who owes a debt due to a judgment, will skip town or hide in some other way.  A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence can take the information that you do have about someone and use that information to look for and locate someone who owes you money for a judgment.


There are many more benevolent reasons to locate someone who is difficult to find.  Perhaps you have always wondered what happened to that special someone from high school.  In the adoption process, if the parent of the child cannot be located and hasn’t already signed over their parental rights, you must perform what’s call “due diligence” in order to notify the birth parent that you want to adopt their child.  It is a required by law that this be performed.  Adults and children who learn that they are adopted often want to find their birth parent for a variety of reasons such as curiosity, health history, need for an organ donor, etc.  When someone passes away and leaves a will, some of the people in the will may be difficult to find.  The executor of the will is obligated to perform “due diligence” to find them.  A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence can use industry exclusive resources and techniques to find the person you are looking for.

Don't let him get away without paying child support.  Don't sit and worry about the whereabouts of your loved ones.  Don't wonder whatever happened to someone special.  Find your birth parent because you have so much you want to know.  Don't let her hide your kids for another day.  Hawkeye Intelligence can find who you're looking for.  Call or email now.

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