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There is no greater betrayal in a marriage.  20% of married men and 13% of married women in America admit to having an affair at some time during the course of their marriage.  As diligent as anyone can be, they can’t hide it forever.  Few people have the discipline it would require to keep an affair secret for very long.  Living with suspicion is a taxing burden that will affect every aspect of your life.  A private investigator can find out the truth for you and affirm or put to rest your suspicion and the crippling stress that comes with it.  If you decide to leave your marriage due to an affair, proving that your spouse had an affair in court can be difficult.  Most people don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to follow their spouse around to get the proof they need.  Besides, what if they saw you?  A private investigator is a third party that they would never suspect is watching them and a PI can get you the proof you need to maximize your settlement in court.



They are the people that you love the most.  Their safety and welfare is your top priority.  Most parents love and care for their children.  Some parents can’t put their egos aside enough to let their little ones take top priority.  If your child’s other parent is abusing or neglecting your children and you need proof to gain custody or modify your custody agreement, a private investigator can help you get that proof.  What sorts of people is your ex bringing your children around?  What do they do with your children when they are with your ex?  Are they abiding by the custody agreement?  Are you afraid they will kidnap them?  How does their new significant other behave when your children are present?  Is your ex properly restraining your babies in a car seat when travelling with your children?



You don’t mind helping your ex out to help her get back on her feet after your divorce.  After all, she gave up her career to stay home with your children.  It was a noble thing.  In the divorce settlement, you were ordered to pay her alimony for a time to help her maintain the lifestyle she was accustomed to during the marriage and to help her while she built a foundation to start a new life.  Time has gone by and she has met someone.  You suspect that they may be living together but they may be trying hide it.  She may have even married someone but keeps it discreet, so she can continue receiving alimony from you.  Being able to prove cohabitation or marriage could get your alimony payments reduced or eliminated.  A private investigator can help find information that may help you prove what you need.



There are many reasons you may want hire a private investigator to find someone.  Your child’s other parent may be hiding to avoid his child support payment.  You may be trying to serve someone with papers but you don’t know their address.  Your teenager may have run away and you imagination is running wild and weighing you down heavy with worry.  Perhaps you have a judgment against your ex-roommate who never settled up with you on their portion of the rent.  Maybe you loaned someone some money only for them to disappear.  You found out you were adopted and want to locate your birthparents or siblings.  Maybe you want to adopt but must perform a due diligence search for the child’s biological parents.  Perhaps you are wondering what happened to that boy you knew in high school.  If you are the executor of a will and you can’t find some of the beneficiaries, you have to preform a due diligence search for them.



GPS tracking (available to qualified clients) can be done to discover the truth of where someone goes.  You may wonder whether your teenage is telling the truth about where they go.  Maybe you suspect your husband is going to meet a mistress.  Is he really staying at work late or is he going somewhere else?  Maybe you have had some things stolen from your property and you want to see where the thieves are taking them.  GPS tracking is often done in conjunction with another type of investigation but it doesn’t have to be.



How much do you really know about the person you are leaving your children with when you and your husband go out for a date night?  How well do you know the contractor that is going to be in your home with you valuables and family?  You have some qualified applicants for your open position in your company but were they honest with you regarding everything they entered on their application?  What about that guy you met online?  Could he be dangerous?  A background check can go a long way in getting you the information you need to make a decision about someone’s history and character.



Insurance fraud of any kind, including worker’s comp insurance, is a problem within the insurance industry.  As a nation, we unleash legions of private investigators to detect fraudulent claims.  Some private investigator spend their entire careers just investigating insurance fraud.

Finding and questioning witnesses to crimes or auto accidents, delivering important, valuable, and sensitive messages and items,  sweeping your home or business for hidden cameras or listening devices (countersurveillance), discovering the truth about how your employees treat customers or your business, checking on the well being of friends or loved ones, and a myriad of other tasks and information gathering that a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence can help you with.


Serving Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Pelham, Inverness, Trussville, Fultondale, Gardendale, surrounding areas, plus the entire state of Alabama (even venturing into Mississippi and Tennessee on occasion), Hawkeye Intelligence can meet all of your investigative needs and get the evidence you need to uncover the truth.  Call or email now to connect with a licensed private investigator.

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