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Background check services
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Past behavior is the best predictor of future results.  Background checks

have become ubiquitous across many situations in the last couple of

decades.  Private investigators use special databases that are only

available to private investigators and fraud specialists as well as

publicly available resources to find out as much information as

possible about a person. Private investigators have the tools,

experience, and skills to root out information that some people want

to keep hidden.  Background checks can be an invaluable resource

for anyone who needs to make a very important decision about

someone that they need to trust.


Probably the most common reason to run a background check on

someone is when considering them for employment.  A private

investigator can run a background check to find out if a potential employee is

being truthful about what they have told you on their application.  They can also

verify claims that an applicant makes on their job application and resumé.


If you have children and are no longer in a relationship with the other parent or know that you won’t be in a relationship with them for long, you may want to have a background check performed on anyone your child’s other parent is exposing your children to.  Such information may be valuable in the divorce and child custody proceedings.  You can discover if the other parent of your child is exposing your child to dangerous and undesirable people.  Perhaps they have a history of violence or drug use.  Or, worse, they could be a sex offender.  If a background check reveals that your child’s other parent is exposing your children to someone with a history like this, it is usually best to follow up that discovery with surveillance as proof that your child’s other parent is exposing them to the bad influences.  Such footage can be very valuable in court.


Online dating has become more and more common in recent years and usage of online dating sites is growing every day.  Despite what they may tell you on their profile, private messages, online chats, or even phone calls, you really have no idea who you are about to meet when meeting someone from one of those sites.  It is well worth it to have a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence run a background check on anyone you may be meeting or even talking to from an online dating site.  A private investigator could even check their social media to be sure that the picture they are showing you is really them.  To be absolutely sure, a private investigator can secretly accompany you to the meeting to watch over you while hiding nearby and make sure you are safe, ready to intervene or call authorities if anything were to go wrong.


If your relationship with someone has progressed to the point that marriage is likely, you may want to consider having a background check run on your future spouse.  Not only would you want to know about any criminal background they may have, but you may also want to find out if they have any judgments or liens against them that they may not have told you about.  A private investigator can also uncover any bankruptcies that your future spouse may try to hide from you.  Remember, once you are married, their problems become your problems and it is well worth the relatively small expense of a background check to discover if there are any potential problems that your future spouse may not have told you about.  Maybe you are the parent of someone who is about to be married and you want to do your “due diligence” in making sure that your son or daughter is not marrying someone who portrays themselves as someone they are not.


Everyone wants their children to be safe.  Most parents hire a babysitter at some point in their children’s lives.  You want to be sure you are hiring someone you can trust and that your potential babysitter is who they say they are.  Nanny cams can only tell you about them after you have already left them alone with your children and by the time you watch footage from the nanny cam, it may be too late.  A background check on any potential babysitters or nannies can let you know who you are dealing with before they can do any harm to your children.  One of a parent’s worst nightmares is to leave their child, alone, in the care of someone who may harm them.  A private investigator can run a background check on any potential sitter and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about who you trust to leave your babies with.


Most of us have work done on our homes at some point in our lives.  There are a lot of good contractors out there.  You can get references from them, but let’s be real here.  They are only going to give you references of people they know are going to say good things about them.  You can’t really be sure if the references they give you are actual past customers or their brother-in-law.  Most times you have to let contractors into your home where your valuables are stored and where your children sleep.  They are going to intimately know everything about your home.  It may be a good idea to hire a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence to run a background check on any strangers you plan to allow into your home to do work.


If you are thinking of entering into a business partnership with someone, you may want to know if they have a criminal history.  Any judgments, liens, or bankruptcies would also be very valuable information in this situation.  A new business partner can often become just like a family member when it comes to your finances.  Hawkeye Intelligence can get the background information you need to help you determine if the person you are thinking of entering into a business venture with is someone you can trust.


Does your company need to verify the information entered by a candidate on a job application?  Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level but you want to be sure you really know the man you are about to commit to?  Are you hiring a babysitter and just want to be sure she doesn't have a hidden past that you should know about?

Trust but verify.  Get the information you need to give you peace of mind about almost anyone.  Hawkeye Intelligence can get the information you need to help you make the right decision.  Call or email now.

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