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gps tracking, courier service, debugging, wiretap service

A private investigator is in the business of obtaining information and

performing tasks that is too dangerous or impractical for other people to

perform.  There is a wide variety of things a licensed private investigator

can help you accomplish.  Aside from investigating infidelity,

child custody, alimony, etc., a private investigator can investigate fraud,

find and interview witnesses, carry and deliver valuable or sensitive

items at a moment’s notice, sweep and search your home or landline

for listening devices or hidden spy cameras, help you find out what is

happening at your business when you are not there, or check on the

well being of loved ones or property when it would be impractical for

you to do so yourself.




Insurance fraud runs rampant in all parts of the country.  There are

some private investigation firms who do nothing but insurance fraud

investigations.  Most people don’t mind working hard for their money, but

there are some unscrupulous employees that may fake or exaggerate an on-

the-job injury in an effort to have the worker’s comp insurance company that

covers their employer against such claims pay them a settlement or a continuous

income.  Other than employees, your business may encounter some customers that

exaggerate or fake an injury in an attempt to sue your business and gain a huge settlement at your expense.  While some claims are legitimate, there is a large number of claims that are made by people just trying to get something for nothing.  A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence can investigate the claimant and take steps to gather evidence that may be able to prove that their claim is false and frivolous.



When you have an auto accident and neither you nor the other party in the accident can agree on exactly what happened and fault in the accident is in dispute, there may be witnesses who gave their name to the police at the scene of the accident or you may have obtained the information of the witnesses on the scene yourself.  With enough information, a private investigator can track down the witnesses of your accident and even interview them if needed, obtaining statements that can be used in court if your dispute comes to that.


If you have been a victim of a crime and the police don’t seem to be able to make the time to help, you can hire a private investigator to question witnesses who may have seen what happened.



They say if you don’t want anyone to read it, don’t write it down so maybe you want to deliver a verbal, anonymous message to someone.  Your child may be bullied at school and you want to alert the parents of the bully of their child’s behavior, but you don’t want to be identified because you may not know them, want to remain anonymous, or are not sure how they will react.  You may have a long, lost love that you want to let them know you still have feelings for them.  A private investigator can find who you are looking for and deliver your message and report back on how it went, perhaps even secretly recording the entire conversation.



We have all had items lost in the mail or stolen from the mailbox or front porch.  Most times when something is lost, it’s gone, and you receive no replacement or compensation for the item, especially if it is stolen from your house.  It happens more and more often these days.  You may have a valuable or irreplaceable piece of jewelry, equipment, device, photographs, sensitive letter, money, documents, etc. that you need to have delivered as soon as possible and you don’t trust any of the postal carriers because the item absolutely cannot be lost or stolen.  A private investigator can give you and your item the individual attention and care that the postal and package delivery services will not.  A postal carrier has hundreds of items to deliver in a day so your package isn’t going to get the individual attention it needs.  A private investigator will only have one package and may even be able to find the person you need it delivered to if that is a problem for you.



As time goes on, spy cameras and hidden listening devices grow more advanced and smaller.  Cameras can be disguised as just about anything.  Some may only need the tiniest pinhole to shoot video through.  Anyone with the know-how can tap into a landline and have a phone in their home tapped into your phone number and be able to listen to any call you make or receive.  The phone in their home will ring whenever your phone rings and they can simply pick it up and listen and record if they like.  A private investigator has the equipment and expertise to discover hidden video cameras and listening devices that someone may have placed in your home.  They also know how to find landline wire taps that may allow someone to listen in on your phone calls.


If you are a business owner, you may sometimes wonder what goes on at your business when you are not there.  How are your customers being treated?  A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence can pose as a customer to get the information you are looking for.  They will document everything that happens so can have proof if you need to justify a termination.  Also, if you have noticed product or valuables missing from your business, a private investigator can pose as an employee, gain the trust of the other employees, and try to find out what is going on inside your business.


Many of us have a loved one who is handicapped or elderly.  Some people live so far away from their handicapped or elderly loved one that it is impractical or impossible for them to check on them like they should.  You can hire a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence to check on your loved one when you suspect something is wrong or if you just need someone to drop by and check on them from time to time.  The PI will help in any way they can and alert authorities if needed.

Hawkeye Intelligence is in the information business.  Any information that you need that you don't have the time, ability, or expertise to gather, we can get.

Any information you may require that can be legally obtained will be considered.  Call or email now.

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