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Many people don’t realize that you can attach a GPS tracker to a vehicle,

or anything really, and keep track of whatever that GPS tracker is

attached to in real time.  The laws governing the use of GPS trackers

are different in each state.  In Alabama, the only law that directly

governs GPS is a law that forbids law enforcement from using them

without a warrant.  That doesn’t mean you can just willy-nilly attach

a GPS anywhere.  There are some harassment, stalking and

criminal surveillance laws that indirectly affect the use of GPS

trackers.  Improper use of a GPS tracker can also open you up

to civil liabilities.  (Disclaimer:  Hawkeye Intelligence nor any of

its employees are attorneys.  Please consult an attorney to verify

anything you read here.)  For the most part, in Alabama, if you

own the vehicle or it is considered a marital asset, you can attach

a GPS tracker to it.  A private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence

can assess your unique situation and lease a GPS tracker to you on

a weekly basis.  We can also attach the GPS tracker on an eligible vehicle

for you.


For some investigations, a GPS tracking device is extremely helpful.  Whenever

an investigator is following someone or keeping an eye on someone, waiting for them to travel in their vehicle, a GPS tracker can

make the investigation way more efficient.  It is not uncommon for an investigator to lose someone they are following in traffic or because of traffic lights.  If a GPS tracker is attached to a subject’s vehicle, no sweat.  The investigator can just pull up the map on his phone, tablet, or laptop, and continue the investigation, catching up to the subject quickly.  Without a GPS device, the investigator has to make an educated guess where the subject is going.  Sometimes this can be done using the information that the investigator already knows about the subject and where they should be headed.  Other times, if the subject does something unexpected, the investigator has to drive around to various places that the subject is known to go or expected to go.  Sometimes the investigator is able to find them and sometimes they are not.  Making guesses like this may use up valuable time which costs the client money.  In the worst cases, it will end the surveillance and the PI has to start the surveillance over again on another day.  All of that time (and therefore, money) can be used way more efficiently when a GPS tracker is applied.


If you are wondering about the whereabouts of your husband or wife and you suspect that they are hiding where they are going, a GPS tracking device can help you get answers.  Once you discover where they are going, it is best to have your private investigator follow up and see exactly what they are doing and who they are doing it with by documenting their actions through direct surveillance.  It is never a good idea to go to where they are to see for yourself.  You may be unable to control your emotions and thus, jeopardize further investigation or even your freedom if you commit a crime.  A GPS tracking device can let your investigator know exactly when the subject leaves and where they are going.  It’s also useful to a private investigator to watch the GPS tracker over a period of time to determine the habits of a subject which makes an investigation even more efficient.


Teenagers often go places and do things they know their parents would disapprove of.  Many outright lie about where they are going, much less what they are doing.  Most parents only want to protect their children from making bad decisions that can do them harm.  It is imperative that you have all the information you can gather to make a well informed decision when trying to deal with an errant teen.  A GPS tracker can be extremely instrumental in helping you uncover exactly where your teen is and where they have been.  Just as it is in any other situation, it is always best to have your private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence follow up on the information you obtain from a GPS tracker that is attached to the vehicle your teen drives.  Your investigator may be able to watch and document exactly what your teen is doing and who they are doing it with.  If you show up where your teen is, and there is no other reason you would know they are there, it will compromise your source of information (in this case, the GPS tracker) and they will change their behavior.  They will not necessarily stop what they are doing but they will work harder to hide it and make the acquisition of further information difficult and thus the investigation more expensive.


A general rule of thumb when trying to determine if you can legally and safely use a GPS device on a vehicle (at least in Alabama; it is different in other states so please consult the laws in your own state and/or an attorney), is that if you own it or if it is marital property (property that could be in subject to division in a divorce proceeding), then yes, you can put a GPS device on it as long as it doesn't violate any criminal surveillance laws, harassment laws, or stalking laws.  Again, Hawkeye Intelligence encourages you to seek the advice of an attorney to know for sure if you can legally and safely attach a GPS tracking device on anything and to verify anything you have read on this website, especially as it relates to a GPS tracking device.  Neither Hawkeye Intelligence nor any of its agents are responsible for any consequences that derive from any misuse of a GPS tracking device nor liabilities derived from the use of a GPS tracking device.


If you want to know the truth about where your spouse or other loved one is going, the best and most efficient way to find out is to attach a GPS tracking device to their vehicle.  Let a private investigator from Hawkeye Intelligence guide you through the process and help you get the answers you deserve.  Call or email now. 


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